D White Whitening Cream 50 ml airless bottle (nieuw)


This product replaces the Chronoage White Skin NORMALIZER Cream and Skin PHOTOCONTROL Serum.

It is always recommended to use the Skin PHOTOBLOCK Cream-High Protection SPF30 or Chrono Age Sun Face Screening Cream SPF50+ combined to with the new product.


A whitening* emulsion to smooth and brighten the skin, with a light, quickly absorbed texture. Carefully selected ingredients with both whitening and antioxidant properties are used to target brown spots in various skin types and reduce the number of free radicals generated by external agents or as part of the aging process, thus ensuring good anti-aging action. Contains arbutin and azalic acid encapsulated in cyclodextrin complexes: this form of
vehiculation protects the active principles, while ensuring their targeted, prolonged release at the melanocyte level. Arbutin blocks the enzyme tyrosinase and protects the dermal fibers thanks to its antioxidant action, while azelaic acid has selective inhibitory action on melanocyte hyperactivity. It also stimulates cell turnover and reduces the thickening of the stratum corneum due to its exfoliating action. In other words, a single product capable of both reducing large areas of hyperpigmentation and gradually lightening localized dark spots. Moreover, the innovative combination of stabilized vitamin C and vitamin E guarantees an antioxidant synergistic effect to protect the keratinocytes, firm up the skin and prevent the formation of new dark spots.

*certificate of proven efficacy (in vitro testing)
FORMAT: Airless bottle 50 ml

– Ideal for all skin types.
– Perfect in combination with other Dermophisiologique products, especially anti-age products to boost
their action
– Ideal as a base for makeup
– Can be used with Dermophisiologique sunscreens without adding weight or making the skin greasy
– Helps prevent the formation and reappearance of dark spots in predisposed subjects (sensitive skin,
light phototypes, acne-prone skin)
– Completes and maintains depigmenting or dermoabrasive beauty treatments

ARBUTIN: arbutin is a hydroquinone glucoside with a structure similar to tyrosinase-related compounds. This
means the tyrosinase enzyme binds to this instead of binding to tyrosine, thus blocking the activity of
tyrosinase and reducing the amount of melanin produced. This active principle also has anti-aging properties,
as it is an antioxidant and therefore guarantees a reduction in reactive oxygen species (ROS) while protecting
the dermal fibers (collagen and elastin).
AZELAIC ACID: this inhibits the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase. It targets melanocytic hyperactivity by
acting only on hyperactive melanocytes, sparing normal melanin-producing cells. It also has an exfoliating
effect to promote cell turnover and reduce the thickening of the stratum corneum.
SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE: a stable form of vitamin C, it reduces copper ions and so lessens the activity
of tyrosinase, thus limiting the formation of melanin. As well as lightening the skin, it is also an effective
VITAMIN E: a fat-soluble vitamin with excellent antioxidant action, it reduces the amount of oxygen available
for use in the reactions necessary for the production of melanin. Its antioxidant action also protects cell
membranes against lipid peroxidation caused by free radicals, thus favoring the compactness of the
epidermal cells.
The effect of arbutin and azelaic acid is enhanced by the inclusion of cyclic sugars in  cyclodextrins: these
form a chamber where an active principle can be inserted and so ensure its controlled release, greater
stability and less potential irritation compared to the use of the active principle in its free form.

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